Elegant yachting experience in the islands of Tahiti

The changing colors from the dark blue of the ocean to the turquoise shades of the lagoon when you approach the coastline are the promise of a haven hiding treasures and wonders.

Joining a cruise aboard the Haumana is having the opportunity to admire these beautiful waters being surrounded by those who know the islands of Tahiti: the Polynesians.

Proud of their culture and history, our crew members are committed to offering you their full attention, making this cruise a unique moment of sharing. With them, you will taste the sweet Polynesian way of life in an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

It is an incredible experience that awaits you around Bora Bora and Taha’a.


From April 01st to October 31st, we offer 2 weekly departures for our 3-night cruises


Haumana is a 118 ft (36 m) catamaran built in Australia. Its 3 decks offer large public areas, 11 guest cabins and a panoramic suite for a maximum capacity of 24 passengers and 13 crew members.

With this small size, Haumana is the perfect yacht to discover the islands of Tahiti during an intimate cruise.


11 cabins and a Suite offer you all the comfort and a private yacht feeling


Embark on a sophisticated journey around the island of Tahiti. From the instant you board the yacht to the rhythm of ukuleles until your last moments with us, discover the flavors of the Polynesian cuisine and soak in the island lifestyle thanks to the excursions and activities offered on board.

The breathtaking landscapes, the shimmering lagoons and the genuine and warm welcome of our crew : your Haumana cruise will be memorable.

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